A guide to safe travels in Scotland: Motorhome COVID-19 Restrictions

When you’re looking for the perfect holiday destination that will provide your vacation with delicious food and intriguing history? Look no further than Scotland. From its breathtaking landscapes to fascinating culture, this is one country we can’t wait to explore more of!

The country is pumping with energy, as businesses and providers have been hard at work making sure Scotland’s accommodations are all safe for you to share. So what better way could there be to spend this summer?

As you revisit your favourite spots in Scotland, all possible measures must be taken to ensure their safety. Consideration should be given to those visiting and staff and owners of properties who work hard every day selling what they love!

You can experience the same welcoming atmosphere and personal service as before while still feeling safe in your travels. People from all around make Scotland what it is today – diverse, incredible, alive with diversity!

The welcoming staff at Scotland’s iconic landmark hotels will ensure you have an unforgettable experience. As one of Europe’s most beautiful countries, it is also safe to visit and full of history that cannot be found anywhere else on earth!

We hope that you enjoy your trip and stay safe while exploring Scotland. The guidelines are there to keep everyone in the family happy and make sure YOU have a fantastic experience!


S – Scotland wouldn’t be Scotland without its landscapes and communities, but we all have a responsibility to protect them.

A – Accommodation. Sleep safe in the knowledge that the utmost of cleanliness standards are always adhered to.

F – Flexible. Our safety measures will continue to evolve and adapt to ensure your stay is just as good as before.
E – Enriching. Together we will be making sure each vista stays just as awe-inspiring, safe and cherished.
T – Transport. There are many ways to explore our great and majestic land and get you to great adventures. We can’t wait to welcome you.
Y – You. Because at the end of the day, Scotland wouldn’t be Scotland without you.

Video Credit: Visit Scotland


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